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History of origins of VanEssa mobilcamping

Our roots
Since its foundation in 1980 the company has been constantly evolving. In 2004 the area of the joinery has been expanded from 200 up to 2000 square meters. The family business is equipped with the most modern machines and employs more than 15 workers.

Our idea
We are passionate campers. The idea of VanEssa arose out of personal requirements. To go on our annual holiday we used our delivery vehicle but this was not really convenient. We needed a van which could be used for all kind of purposes (work, transport, holiday, leisure time). The solution was a "flexible vehicle equipment".Our modular systems are ideal for all those who love spontaneous and individual travelling. The company "VanEssa" was established in 2003.

Our quality

Our most important goal is to provide our customers with high-quality solutions. Beginning with a detailed personal consultancy to precise and qualitative production.

Made in Germany ... we plan and produce all our products by ourselves (in our plant in Grosshöhenrain, Bavaria). Thereby we process high-quality material:

 - light and very stable:
 12mm poplar plywood with silver-CPL coating, 2mm-ABS-edge (water and heat resistant PU-glue)
 - anodized aluminium poles and materials
 - top-quality furniture fittings (BlueMotion soft running drawers, attractive push locks, hinges, etc.)

Our products are constantly evolving due to personal requirements in our holiday or as well due to customers wishes or concerns. For this we use high-quality materials in fabrication and develop our products constantly, either by testing in our private camping holidays or in response to customer wishes and suggestions.

Our goal
We provide our customers the possibility to combine everyday use, work and holiday into their vehicle. It is not necessary anymore to buy an expensive campervan which is only used a few times a year.
You are not bound to a hotel or camping site - you can easily go on holiday spontaneously and stay wherever you wish to.....this is your new freedom!

The factory site

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Die Waldwerkstatt


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