Right of withdrawal

The customer can cancel his declaration of contract without stating any reasons within two weeks in written form (e.g. by letter, e-mail, fax) or by returning the goods, unless the customer acted in the exercise of his commercial vocation or self-employment (orders by entrepreneurs). At the earliest, the period of time starts after receipt of the goods and not before the receipt of this indoctrination. To maintain this period of time the sending of the cancellation or the goods in time is sufficient.

The withdrawal has to be addressed to:

VanEssa mobilcamping
Lauser Strasse 27
83620 Grosshöhenrain

fax: +49 (0) 8063 / 20 760 - 20
email: info@vanessa-mobilcamping.de

The right of revocation does not apply on contracts for the supply of goods produced according to customer specifications or clearly tailored to personal needs or which, by reason of their quality, are not suitable for return or may spoil quickly or whose expiration date would be exceeded, or for the delivery of audio or video recordings or of software where the seal on the data carriers has been broken by the consumer, or for the delivery of newspapers, periodicals and magazines.


Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal does not apply to goods, that have been made to customers’ specifications or explicitly to the personal needs or that are not valid for return due to their nature or that are fast perishable or that their expiry date is exceeded.

Please do not return the goods freight forward. You have to pay the return if the goods delivered correspond to the goods ordered.


Consequences of cancellations

In the event of effective cancellation, the services received on both sides must be given back. If the customer cannot fully or partially give back the service received, or only in deteriorated condition, he may under certain circumstances have to compensate the seller for this loss of value. This does not apply if the deterioration of the item is exclusively the result of inspection of it – in approximately the way it would have been possible in a shop. The customer may further avoid the duty to compensate for loss of value if deterioration is due to using the item for the purpose for which it was intended, provided he has not taken the item into use as if it belonged to him and has taken steps not to use it in ways which would adversely affects its value. Items which can be dispatched as parcels must be returned and the customer must bear the costs. The goods have to be delivered to VanEssa mobilcamping in good order and condition. Items which cannot be dispatched as parcels will be collected from the seller. Obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period commences for the customer with dispatch of his declaration of cancellation or of the item, and for us with its receipt.


End of notification of right of withdrawal