Sleeping system

VanEssa sleeping systems. The most flexible and fastest bed solution for your camper van.

VanEssa fulfills your dream of great freedom.

We offer sleeping systems for many different vehicle types of well-known vehicle brands.

Turn your bus into a camper! With just a few handles you can convert your „everyday van“ into a very comfortable sleeping place.

  • effortless assembly and disassembly of your sleeping system
  • stored in the rear of your van while driving
  • comfortable and foldable mattress of the highest quality
  • in the morning you fold the bed into the boot, unfold the seats again and off you go

Most of our sleeping systems are compatible with rear kitchens. The bed length of about 190 cm is suitable for many Vans and Minivans (details you can find under your particular vehicle type).

Nothing has to be changed at your car. The fitting is incredibly easy and leaves no marks, we install our system at available fixing points in your van (loops from lashing straps or rail system).

Our VanEssa mattress has been specially designed for your camping trip. It consists of a specific double-layer foam that perfectly adapts to the shape of your body (a slatted grid is not necessary). In addition it is foldable and fitted with a durable and washable sheet.

VanEssa mobilcamping not only offers standard versions but also individual solutions like single beds or divisible sleeping systems for your van, if you travel alone or need space for your sports equipment.


VanEssa sleeping system for Vans and Minivans.


We use the whole width of the vehicle for our sleeping systems (except for single beds, see below).

Installation always starts in the boot of your van.

Here we place our rear board that is fastened to existing points (rail system or loops from lashing straps) on the vehicle floor.

In order to achieve the length of about 190 cm, we attach a two-part sleeping board which stands on two supports.

A detailed description of the sleeping system you find under the corresponding vehicle type.

Surfer bed guarantees flexibility. Available as double or single bed (with extension to double bed possible).

Our surfer bed consists of only two parts. This creates maximum storage space under the bed.

This bed can also be ordered with splittable bed panels (in the front) to switch between a single and double bed at any time.

Our VanEssa Arco system.


The basic module of this system consists of a tunnel with a heavy-duty pull out drawer which is also the first bed. For the second bed, you can choose whether you need another heavy-duty pull-out or the bed is built with our classic bed panels.

We recommend equipping one drawer with a kitchen, the other side can be used according to personal needs. Here, for example, bulky sports equipment finds its place.

Arco is suitable for all models with rail system of Volkswagen T5/T6/T6.1, Mercedes Benz as well as Spacetourer/Traveller/Proace Verso/Zafira life.

Detailed information, pictures and dimensions can be found in the kitchen systems in each case under your vehicle manufacturer.