Interior Modules

Interior modules

Camping without chaos – clearly organised and everything to hand!
With VanEssa interior modules, you can organise your camping holiday clearly and effortlessly.

Flexible. Multifunctional. Clever – VanEssa camping furniture.

For longer trips we recommend our multifunctional interior modules. Here all travel utensils are efficiently stowed.

Our well thought-out organization system guarantees to have everything at hand quickly.

Our VanEssa interior module is fixed behind the driver’s seat of your van. This gives you direct access to your belongings at all times.

Each of our basic modules consists of a fixed body with three drawers and a pull-out table to the front.
If required, another table can be mounted or hooked in at the side.
As an optimal supplement we recommend our easily mountable top unit. It contains a mirror, is divided inside and has another compartment for accessories mounted on the door. A coat hook is also mounted on the outside. This module is also ideal in combination with a swivel seat on the passenger side.



Storage tower – T1

Store your clothes properly and well organized,

towels and other textiles. If required

also a cool box pull-out can be configured.









Kitchen tower – T3

This module includes a sink, fresh water tank and gas stove.

A cool box can be chosen optionally.






Toilet tower – T2

Here the bottom drawer is equipped with a toilet.

  • without chemistry
  • without odor



Top-closet module tower

The addition to the module tower for more storage space with a mirror, side compartment in the closet door and two clothes rails.







Kitchen module Oslo

An ideal alternative to our VanEssa rear kitchen.

Equipped as a full kitchen with sink, one fresh water and one waste water tank as well as gas stove. Optionally to be supplemented with

high-quality compressor cooler Indel B TB31, alternatively to this storage space insert or toilet.






Storage box

Get great storage space and additionally a practical seat. Available in three different depths (40cm, 58cm, 70cm).

Also possible with integrated WC.